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|| State of the Bob ||

Real life has taken a serious nosedive at the moment, so my writing will likely be very slow-to-nonexistent for a bit. Hopefully circumstances will settle and allow me to get back into the swing of things soon.

~ Bob, 072312

|| All About Bob ||

So. Originally this was an anon journal for use at various snark communities. Apparently it's also a vehicle for weird and filthy porn fic.

NOTICE 11/07/12: I've had to disengage anon commenting due to a swarm of adbots and spam. Drop me a line at AO3, if you'd like.

You're Bob Ross! You paint happy little fics! You beam at the world from behind your awesome white-dude 'fro and slap some cadmium white omega porn up for the world to see! ~nidaria_noir

...this guy's the Emperor fucking Palpatine of the goddamned Omegaverse.
~a very funny compliment from a rant post anon

Fun graphic by another rant post anon.


|| Now Playing & Coming Attractions ||

A roundup of everything I've written and am currently writing. Kinkmeme comment-fills will be cleaned up and posted in the journal when complete; until then, the links are in the WIP section below.

More details can be found in the individual post headers, but I'll try to warn for the major triggers here, too.

happy little treesCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Four Fifths

Four Fifths
Post-Hiatus, Sherlock finds himself having to re-learn John, who lives entirely through DID alters.
Kinkmeme prompt minifill, originally posted here.

Helene wears John's body like a shroudCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Streaming Feed

Streaming Feed
Omega!verse. Slice of life. Sherlock explores new territory, John's along for the ride. R.
Just some dialogue exchanges, no real plot or porn to speak of.

Are you watching pornography on my laptop?Collapse )

ETA: A Chinese translation by thebigsister can be found here. Thanks again for your effort, kind reader!

Sherlock BBC | Taking the Fee

Taking the Fee
Omega!verse. John's in heat. What better time for a pelvic exam? NC-17.
[Warnings for O!verse, dub-con, false pretenses, fetishization of body parts and medical procedures, roleplay, bodily fluids, and gender issues.]
Kinkmeme prompt fill. Originally posted here.

Important Notes: Obviously, John wouldn't be seeing a gynaecologist (from Gk. gynaik-, "woman"). For the purposes of this AU, I'm going to assume that the field of tocology (Gk. tokos, "childbirth") covers everyone with a viable uterus and ovaries. I'm also replacing andrology (Gk. andros, "man") with speirology (Gk. speiro, "to sow seed, to beget offspring").

...Does the etymology reflect some pretty messed-up views on gender roles in this alternate universe? Why, yes. Yes, it does!

Also, I'm not a doctor, but I tried to research thoroughly. Please point out any glaring errors.

I was afraid you'd be one of those patients who tries to fix the stirrups themselvesCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Shagged Silly

Shagged Silly
Inspired by: "John shags Sherlock until he is silly while wearing clown shoes." Accordingly, silliness. R.
Not a proper kinkmeme prompt fill, but the original thread is here.

And then John got creativeCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley
Sherlock fucks John with a cucumber. Written just so I could use the title. NC-17.
Kinkmeme prompt fill. Originally posted here.

John's mouth is filthier than a three AM blowjob behind a petrol stationCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Cold Read

Cold Read
Totally clean. Crack which morphed into sugar. Slash implications, maybe, if you stand on your head?
Kinkmeme prompt fill. Originally posted here.

It's called fan-ta-sy, darlingCollapse )

Sherlock BBC | Bunting

Holmescest. Wanking. Voyeurism. Extremely dirty talk. NC-17. Just plain filth, man.
Kinkmeme prompt fill. Originally posted here.

Oh, for God's sake, Sherlock--must you, really?Collapse )